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100% Made in Italy cabin air filters

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Filter Typology

Active carbon cabin air filter & Particle cabin air filter

Air Cab: Complete range for the European,
Asian and South American vehicle fleet

What is it a cabin air filter?

It is the component that allows us to keep clean air inside of our cars. Every one knows that in the last years pollution in the world atmosphere has increased considerably. So in order to protect the air that comes inside your cars, buses or industriai vehicles, we offer you the solution of the filter that can make your trip more healthy and pleasant and protect you from possible indisposition when you are driving. Today almost all car, buses and industrial vehicles set up standard cabin air filter.

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Our Production

The use of the latest generation equipment ensures a limited environmental impact thanks to low energy consumption and PLC control. The production departments – Design, Production, Quality Control and warehouse – are located within the company itself and fully managed by the founders and qualified staff.
The production process begins with the purchase of raw materials of high quality from companies that provide the first plant, through processing and assembling with higher performance materials tested by reputable laboratories that analyze the characteristics of filtration and ending with the finished product “filter”.

Active carbon cabin air filter

The cabin air filter besides having other useful proprieties can block as well bad smells and a considerable part of harmful gases that are in the air. It’s composed of synthetic polyester fibre (TNT) with internal active carbon granule....

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Particle cabin air filter

Keeps back dusts, pollens, and all solid particles that are present in the air. It proves to be especially precious for everyone that suffers from seasonal allergies. It’s composed of two layers which are made up of synthetic polyester fibre (TNT)....

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